Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys – Things You Must Know

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle when you are experiencing the effects of anything which can impair your judgement, whether it be drugs or alchohol is illegal in all 50 states in the union. A myriad of tests are available to determine whether or not a driver has consumed too much alcohol, or possibly under the effects of a controlled substance. The vast majority of the time, an officer of the law who has cause to believe that a driver is intoxicated will carry out a field sobriety test. This may involve walking demonstrating that you can walk in a straight line, standing with arms out and bringing the forefinger to the tip of the nose or saying the alphabet with no mistakes. Failing anyone of these tests can land you in hot legal water.

BAC or Blood Alcohol Conent

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle in the United States if you have a blood alcohol content of .08% or more. Not surprisingly, the .08% figure represents the proportion of alcohol in your blood stream.These numbers are usually deduced from what is known as a breathalyzer, or a direct blood test Nonetheless, most officers in the USA will first give a field sobriety test, and then once they have reason to believe that an offense has taken place, gain conclusive evidence by issuing a breathalyzer test If need be, a urine or blood test may also be administered once arrested. Of course, this is generally left to the discretion of the arresting officerThe arresting officer is usually given the choice to request that such tests be administered.


In years past, the way in which DWI has been regarded in the public eye has changed dramatically. Previously, it was commonplace for an offender to avoid stiff penalties until their fourth or fifth offense. The good news is that the criminal system has advanced drastically over the years with regards to drinking and driving, and these days, a person who has made the decision to drink and drive faces bitter punishment even for a first offense. If you choose to operate under the influence of alcohol of drugs, be prepared to lose spend some time in jail, lose your driver’s license, be required to attend drunk driving courses, and even possible have your vehicle equipped with a vehicle interlock device which will require that you blow into a breathalyzer in order for your car to start.

In Conclusion

In order to eliminate any risk of being arrested for any DWI offense, you should never get behind the wheel while under the influence. If you have been drinking, the safest bet is to avoid getting behind the wheel. When you have plans for a night out that will include the consumption of alcohol you should call a cab or designate a friend to stay sober and drive you. A minimal consumption of alcohol can have a dramatic effect on your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. If you choose to drive after you have been drinking, you are running the risk of causing an accident which may not only affect your life drastically, but the lives of other drivers on the road. Additionally, if you have been drinking, and end up in an accident, you will be looked at as the cause of any injuries or deaths causes as a result of the accident. You will be in a situation where you will likely be looking at some extremely harsh criminal penalties. The fact of the matter is that it just is not worth the risk to drink and drive.

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