Affiliate Programs – 5 Steps to Niche Dominance

Promoting affiliate programs effectively involves implementing the right approach. Below, I am going to outline a five step marketing approach which has been proven to be effective.

1. Pay Per View Marketing Approach

Pay Per View marketing, also known as PPV, has nothing to do with ordering movies. Rather, it involves paying each time someone views the ad which you are promoting. This actually works quite well with affiliate programs which compensate their marketers for each lead which they produce. Therefore, if you are able to identify PPV keywords which cost you two cents per view, and are able to generate a payment of five cents per view, you will be in a position to earn a 150% profit.

2. Email Marketing

Of course, in order to market via email, you need an email opt-in list to market to. This is by far the best means of marketing, provided that you have the list. It essentially involves sending emails which targeted offers to a targeted segment of the market. If you do not have an email marketing list, I strongly suggest that you start building one.

3. Pay Per Click Otherwise Known as PPC Marketing

I have encountered a high percentage of internet marketers who swear that they will never again engage in Pay Per Click marketing. This is due to the fact that at one time or another, they lost money doing so. What I tell these individuals is that they lost money because they were inexperienced. In order to be successful with PPC marketing, you must watch your Return on Investment very closely. Determine which keywords are converting into sales, and which are not. Get rid of the keywords which do not convert, and bid to rank higher on those which do convert.

4. Article Marketing

If you are using articles to market affiliate programs, you have to be careful. The truth is that most article directories will reject an article if it is clear that its links come from an affiliate program. The good news is that there are two ways around this. You can either take your affiliate link, and convert it into a tiny URL, or you can link to your lead capture page, and utilize article marketing to build your email opt in list. Thereafter, you can market your affiliate programs to your list. Just realize that in order to gain the hundreds of back links which are available to you via article marketing, you need reliable article submission software.

5. Do Whatever it is That is Working

The internet is a great resource. Use it to do your homework. Find out what is working for affiliate programs, and how to make it work simply conducting a search. Although many feel as though any affiliate experiencing success will not reveal how they are so successful, this is not entirely true. What I have found is that successful affiliates are willing to convey which marketing methods are working. What they are not willing to convey is the affiliate offer which they are experiencing success with.

Taking this five step approach will provide you with a good start to promoting your affiliate programs. I strongly suggest that you research each step, and determine how you will specifically implement them in your campaign.

Take full advantage of your Affiliate Programs by implementing the five steps laid out in this article. You will go a long way with our Affiliate Network if you do so. Consistency over time is always the name of the game.


About soscomplete

Brian Lett, a graduate of both law school and graduate business school (MBA), is the founder of the SOSComplete! Affiliate Network. SOSComplete! is a completely free to join, 100% Green Company, which is comprised of hundreds of affiliate programs.
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