Ways To Make Money – Step by Step Instructions

If you have been searching high and low for honest ways to make money, and have been disappointed by only coming across get rich quick schemes, your fortunes have just changed. This article will show you exactly how the top Internet entrepreneurs have been able to garner such success. With a little bit of understanding regarding affiliate marketing, in addition to its relationship with specific market niches, I can show you why some are able to earn six figure incomes, while others struggle. It all comes down to following a process.

The truth of the matter is that many individuals want things to come easily without having to work for them. The unfortunate thing is that so many scam artists use this to their advantage by making false promises of overnight success at a click of a mouse. As a result, the victim learns an unfortunate lesson from the School of Hard Knocks. However, on the positive side, if you have the desire to learn and work towards a goal, then you can earn a substantial income as an affiliate. The steps which you need to take are laid out for you below.

Some of what we talk about will seem trivial. However, so many people completely neglect the apply many of these eight actions to affiliate marketing.

1. Identify A Niche

Do not under any circumstances underestimate the importance of this first step. Identifying your niche market is what will set the table for your success as an affiliate. What you want to look for, are niche markets which have a low volume of competition and a high volume of potential buyers. Let us actually start with identifying potential buyers. We can simply do this by determining the most relevant keywords for a particular niche. Once we have identified these keywords, we need to determine how many people typing the keywords into the search engine each month. You can do this by using a tool such as Wordtracker or Google Adwords: Keyword Tool. The next step is determining how many other websites are also trying to rank for these keywords. You can do this by simply typing the keyword into one of the search engines, and viewing how many results are returned. This will tell you how competitive the niche is. Ultimately, you want to target a niche with high search volume and low competition.

2. Build Your Own Website

Once you have determined which niche you will begin to target, it is time to create a website. I know that some of you are getting anxious right now, but do not worry. Content management systems such a Joomla! have made it incredibly simple for anyone to design an amazing website with absolutely zero html experience. Once you have registered your domain name, and chosen your Joomla! template, it is time to create content for your website which is focused towards your niche market. Essentially, you want your website to become an information resource for your target market. At this point, you will not be selling anything, just providing information.

3. Build Your Email List

When you build your website one of the goals of your website will be to get email leads. This you can achieve by providing a simple opt-in email webform on every page of your free content website. This will make it easy for your visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter or tips of that subject. You should cultivate the habit of getting information that will be useful at least once every week to your subscriber base.

4. Continue To Provide Free Content

Each article you find online that will be helpful both to your subscriber base and prospects should be posted on your website. Try to only provide high quality information and newsletters to your website. Give out freebies on your site to enhance subscription rate and practically over deliver on your information generousity.

5. Know What Your Visitors Want

You must make sure that you keep the attention of your visitors and subscribers by providing them with up to date information regarding niche specific news. When someone asks a question, take the opportunity to reply with a timely, well written response. Make sure that your subscribers know that you genuinely care about educating them, and are not just looking at how much money you can make from each one. These actions will create a trusting relationship between you and your subscribers. Always be on the look out for products which your subscribers will appreciate being made privy to.

6. Get The Product For Your List

After you have built trust with your email list they will be in the mood to buy from you as a recommendation from a trusted source. Of course, you want to suggest products that you are affiliated with or own the right to. However, this product must be of high quality or else you will lose the credibility which which you have built to this point.

7. Light A Fire Underneath Your Subscribers

Send out your recommendation or review on the product and make it seem like a special offer that has a time span within which the price will be increased, this will make your offer to be sold out fast. You will be amazed at the result you will get this time. You can easily make tens of thousands of dollars this way.

8. Do It All Over Again

In particular, you should go back and repeat steps four to seven every two to four months. Just make sure that the products which you do recommend are highly relevant to your subscribers, and of high quality.

That about sums it up. The leading affiliate marketers are currently taking these steps to earn upwards of $100K per year.

One thing that you should note is that this is a process which takes some time and effort. With that being said, it is a highly successful process, provided that you put the time and effort into it, and follow the strategy. If you are unwilling to do so, and would like to focus on ways to make money which promise overnight success, I can tell you for an absolute fact that you will be disappointed. Affiliate marketing is one of the most ethical and effective ways to make money online. Take advantage of it.

There are Ways To Make Money online. Each and every one of you can Make Money Fast by following this simple strategy. Stop by and see us at SOSComplete.com.


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Brian Lett, a graduate of both law school and graduate business school (MBA), is the founder of the SOSComplete! Affiliate Network. SOSComplete! is a completely free to join, 100% Green Company, which is comprised of hundreds of affiliate programs.
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