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I cannot count the number of times that I have received an from an entrepreneur wanting to make money from home by creating and selling an eBook. However, in almost every single instance, I am asked how much money can be made by engaging in such an act. Of course, my answer has to be very vague. The truth is that there is no fixed dollar amount, or range for that matter, that one can generate from writing and selling an eBook. Success will depend in large part on the subject matter of the eBook, the demographic which it targets, and how well it is marketed to that demographic.

As an author, if you are conveying unique, yet valuable information to a fairly substantial niche market via your eBook, you are more likely to do better as an author than an individual who conveys information which is widely known within a very small niche market. Thus, in the first instance, your eBook will have a greater likelihood of producing sales than in the latter.

Needless to say, you can author the greatest eBook in the world, however, if no one knows that this eBook exists, it will remain moot. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that an author take a broad approach to promoting their eBook. This approach should at the very least include, social networking, social bookmarking, video marketing, article marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, and a very convincing sales copy. Of course, these techniques require time and consistency. Therefore, in order to be successful, you must be willing to defer gratification, and work diligently in the meantime.

Consequently, if your plan is to make money from home very quickly, composing and selling an eBook is not for you. You have to realize that you are not very far removed from an author who goes through traditional publishing means. As such, it is important that you spend a great deal of time in creating your eBook. Once your eBook is ready for public eyes, you must consistently promote it via the means mentioned earlier, in addition to any methods which may be more specific to the niche marketing which you are targeting. The whole process can easily take in excess of a year to really take stride.

Nonetheless, it would be careless of my to neglect informing you that there is nothing which can guarantee that you will make money from home once you put forth the effort to create and market your eBook. Sadly, many authors put forth a great deal of effort, and receive very little in return. However, the good news is that you can greatly increase your chances for success by doing some ground work in the very beginning. Identify a niche market which is in need of information on a particular market. Make sure that the market is large enough to be profitable, and that there is little competition. Doing this will illustrate not only that there exists a need for information on a particular subject, but also that there exists a market which is interested in receiving this information. This is where you need to start if you wish to make money from home.

Anyone who has experience in a popular field should Make Money From Home by developing content regarding that field. The way in which you will Earn Money Online is to then create an eBook with your writings. Any author can publish their work by these means. Let our affiliates market your eBook for you at


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Brian Lett, a graduate of both law school and graduate business school (MBA), is the founder of the SOSComplete! Affiliate Network. SOSComplete! is a completely free to join, 100% Green Company, which is comprised of hundreds of affiliate programs.
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